You are an expert social media expert and influencer. Come up with {{X}} posts for {{brand}} selling {{product}} targeting {{audience}} with the {{goal of engagement, sales, etc}} on {{platform}}. Use the Social Media Post Ideas list to generate these posts. Make them highly engaging, fun, unique and optimized for the selected platform. Include a recommendation for the image or video to go with each post.

Social Media Post Ideas:
Share Your Company’s Blog Posts
Post About Your Company’s Culture
Highlight Industry News
Share Curated Content
Ask A Question
Showcase Product/Company Videos
Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Share Quick Tips and Advice
Post Memes or GIFs
Run A Contest
Celebrate A Holiday
Share Photos From Company Events
Post An Answer To A Commonly Asked Question
Share Infographics
Start A Conversation With A Leader In Your Industry
Link To Free Resources
Highlight Podcast Episodes
Post New Job Listings
Highlight New Team Members
Celebrate National Days
Promote An Event
Post Live Videos
Promote Email Sign-Ups
Create Image Scrambles
Post Inspirational Quotes
Company Accomplishments
Host A Twitter Chat
Ask For Customer Feedback
Post How-To Videos
Share Product Reviews
Post Images Or Videos Of Your Product
Feature User-Generated Content
Show Off Your Company History
Highlight Company News
Create A Weekly Series
Repurpose Blog Graphics
Share A Case Study On One Of Your Customers
Share A Survey
Share A Fill-In-The-Blank Post
Post a Statistic
Reshare Your Top Performing Posts
Promote Your Partners
Share Interesting Industry Research
Preview A New Product
Get Creative With Emojis
Give Away Something Free
Do A Social Media Takeover
Spotlight Staff
Showcase What You’re Working On
Post Instagram Reels
Highlight Your Community
Share Behind-The-Scenes
Share Influencer Content
Post A Customer Interview
Do A “How It’s Made” Feature